Client Testimonials

"We are very satisfied with our results from the Clip N Save. Our return has been higher than we expected. We had an immediate response the day it hit the mailboxes and continuing throughout the entire month. The Clip N Save has out performed all the other publications we have tried."

Scott, Owner
Maggie's Family Restaurant, Wayzata

"We have enjoyed using the Clip N Save for our advertising piece. We get a very good response with the coupons we run. Our sales consultant is very helpful in giving us ideas on what coupons we should run for the month. We will continue to work with the Clip N Save to establish more traffic for our shop."

Mary Kay Kopp, Owner
Ben & Jerry's, Wayzata • Eden Prairie

"We have been using Clip N Save for the last year and our results have been astounding. We highly recommend using this form of advertising for your business. Thanks Clip N Save!"

Gary Pahl, Owner
Pahl's Market, Apple Valley

"I have been with Clip N Save for several months now, and it is by far the most cost effective advertising dollars I have spent. It has generated a 30% rate of new customers, and also keeps my core customers coming back for that one special item that they can take a discount on. Along with a sales rep who gives 110% to keeping our sales up and our coupons fresh, all and all it is my best dollars spent this year.
Clip N Save gets a big thumbs up from Touch of Home Furnishings.”

Mickey Mariette

"I have been running ads in the Twin Cities Clipper magazine for over 5 years and have been very happy ever since. I get great results with the coupons and have several new lifetime clients from the ads we run each month. Not only am I happy with the results the magazine brings, but I have an amazing sales rep that I get to work with. Odette has been so helpful in many ways. She goes the extra mile making sure my ad is exactly the way I want it. She helps me to think creatively and also to do what is best for my business. She’s always very personable and is available anytime I need her. it is important to work with someone you can trust and know they have your best interest at heart. With odette, I am guaranteed that and so much more. Thank you Twin Cities clipper for employing such an amazing sales rep for me to work with."

Alisa Gutierrez
Hollywood Paws Grooming


"We have been running a full page advertisement in the Clip N Save every month for years. We consistently have new clients coming in the doors after seeing our coupons in the Clip N Save magazine. We love the classy look of the Clip N Save and would definitely recommend it to any business owner looking to gain new customers."

Ashley Venburg, Manager
Hawaiian Tan and Massage


"When we began using the CLIP N SAVE advertising group in 2013, we saw immediate results. Since then we have used the CLIP N SAVE every month and continue to see a large coupon return rate. I have been pleased with the service provided, the customer return rate and would recommend this product to other restaurants seeking to grow their revenues."

Dave Morrow
KFC Blaine


"We have used the Twin Cities Clipper advertising platform for 8 years. In our mailing zone we see a high coupon return rate from both returning and new customers. We would recommend the TC Clipper to other local businesses looking to grow their company as well."

Vrooom Auto Care